7 NSA Surveillance Procedures Everyone Should Know About

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Everyone knows the NSA spies on its own citizens every day but what we don't know is the "how". Here are 7 NSA surveillance procedures everyone should know about! My VPN Guide - 7 NSA Surveillance Procedures Everyone Should Know About

The National Security Agency (NSA) is an American intelligence agency which protects the USA, its citizens, and their information. However, what they don’t tell you is that the NSA has access to all communications within the US and in many allied countries. Find out some of the ways the NSA can access to your information.

The NSA Has Access to Our Phone Records

The Agency has access to our text messages and phone calls. They can also monitor our activity and they have way more records than they’re allowed to. Also, the NSA is supposed to have limited access to data from several communication companies.

The NSA Has Access to Companies’ Private Data

It’s no secret that this agency has access to all our Google, Facebook, Apple, and Instagram data. These companies have admitted to giving their customers’ data to the NSA, all according to the PRISM program. The data they share includes emails, documents, messages, pictures, and more.

The NSA Can Hack Your Devices

The NSA can get access to any citizen’s electronic device or IT systems if they find it necessary. If they find a weakness in any device, they can take advantage of that instead of fixing it. Everyone is vulnerable to NSA hackers.

The NSA Can Always Know Your Location

Thanks to cell towers all around the country, the NSA can know your exact location whenever you change it. The NSA allegedly doesn’t gather this information anymore. However, the cell phone providers must collect this data and share it with the agency in court if necessary.

The NSA Has Access to Internet Cables All around the Globe

The agency has agreements with some local agencies around the world in order to have access to data contained in fiber optic cables. Also, the NSA has submarines that they use to attach devices in deep parts of the ocean as to gain access to the data they carry.

The NSA Can Access Foreign Companies

The NSA has admittedly hacked into several major telecommunications providers all around the world. The countries that have been hacked include Brazil and Germany. The data they collect goes from phone calls to emails.
This is something really concerning because it means that the NSA weakens these companies’ security systems, leaving them in a really vulnerable state.

The NSA Tracks Your Purchases

If any of the items above wasn’t scary enough, you will now find out that the NSA has access to all your credit card records, payment gateways, and even wire transfers. This allows the agency to have access to every movement you make, which includes how you get your money and what you do with it.

This being said, we should always be careful with what we share and how we share it. This article isn’t written to turn you paranoid and distrustful of your government, but it’s about knowing what the government does with our personal information and what exactly it is that they can have access to.

Of course, if you want to further protect yourself from these intrusions of privacy whether it is from the NSA or your ISP, then using a VPN while you're browsing the internet is definitely a no-brainer. Take a look at some of the best ones here.

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