What Can Your ISP Find Out from your Unecrypted Traffic Data

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Think of your ISP as a nosy landlord who has his ear on every door, constantly listening in to what's going on in his tenants' rented rooms. What sort of juicy details about your life can your ISP find out about you through your unencrypted browsing? Well, read on to find out! My VPN Guide - What Can Your ISP Find Out from your Unecrypted Traffic Data

Your ISP is your Internet Service Provider and it’s extremely important for you to know what kind of information your ISP can get access to. People don’t usually think a lot about what the companies can see because we think that maybe no one is watching, but someone is, and here’s what they can know about us.

All the Websites You Visit

Whenever you visit a website that’s not encrypted (HTTP instead of HTTPS), your ISP can see all your activity on said website. Your ISP can get access to your passwords, all the URLs you visit; and if you visit an online shop, they can see all your purchase information.

It’s important to know that if you visit an HTTPS website, your ISP will be able to see what websites you visit, but not what you do in them. So, if you’re making money transactions, make sure that the website uses HTTPS and your information is safe.

The Emails You Send or Receive

Your ISP can know the content of your emails unless your email service uses Transport Layer Security (TLS). Also, when you use your ISP’s email service, you should know that they can see everything you do there.
Free email services are easier to track, so consider paying for a secure email service if you can afford it.

Your Torrents

It doesn’t matter if you download legal torrents or not because your ISP can see everything you download. However, you shouldn’t worry about this because your ISP may not even care about the things you download.
One thing you should keep in mind is that your ISP can slow down your downloading speed if they notice that you’re downloading too many files.

Your Bitcoin Transactions

Bitcoin is a new cryptocurrency and the newest payment method. If you’re one of the people who chose to join the Bitcoin club, you should know that if your Bitcoin messages are unencrypted, your ISP will be able to see them.

Is Encryption Enough?

Your ISP won’t be able to see which specific websites you visit or what you do in them if you encrypt all your data. However, they can see the size of the websites and how much time you spend browsing them. This lets them guess what you’re visiting and what you do there.

How to Protect Your Data

It’s really simple to keep your information private. All you have to do is download a good VPN and you will have total privacy from your ISP.

A VPN won’t let your ISP see what you’re doing online or which torrents you’re downloading; it also won’t let them know if you’re using Bitcoin. Another advantage of using a VPN is that if you use more than one device with your internet connection, your ISP won’t be able to know which one you’re using at that moment.

It’s important for you to know what your ISP can see and also how to keep them from seeing it. Using a VPN isn’t just helpful to protect your privacy from your ISP. It also protects you from hackers. If you choose a robust VPN service, you will be safe from all kinds of privacy invasions.

Featured VPNs

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