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Ultrasurf Founded in Silicon Valley back in 2001 by Chinese engineers, Ultrasurf is used every day by thousands of users to bypass government monitoring and censorship measures. If you want to safely use the internet and evade internet censorship without worrying about annoying fees, Ultrasurf is perfect for you. - rate


Mysterium Mysterium is a peer-to-peer decentralized VPN and free open-source protocol that uses its own cryptocurrency MYST to purchase and exchange services through its official website. Want to make some extra bucks while someone else uses your internet connection? Check out Mysterium! - rate This company advertises itself as the fastest VPN server on the market, and they are not kidding. When looking at this VPN, what comes to mind is its amazing speed, respect for your privacy with its no-logs policy, and an incredible level of security. No wonder they are so popular in today’s market. - rate


SpyOFF VPN SpyOff is a brand that offers secure and high-speed VPN services that is easy to set up to its users, allowing them to browse the internet without worrying about having their data logged by third parties or hackers. - rate


PrivateVPN PrivateVPN is a Swedish-based VPN service provider with pretty good reviews on the web due to their commitment to ensuring security, privacy, speed, a true censorship bypass, and many more features for their customers, all of that at an affordable price. If you need a VPN, this might be it. - rate


TurboVPN Turbo VPN is a company specialized in providing a fast VPN service that focuses exclusively on the mobile market. If you are looking for a VPN application that’s easy to set up mostly to bypass censorship and unlock content on your mobile device, Turbo VPN might be the solution you've been waiting for. - rate


VPNhub VPNHub is a virtual private network service owned by AppAtomic, which is a franchise of MindGeek, owner of Pornhub. Pornhub is pretty serious when it comes to its privacy protection, so this was a natural outcome. Actually, the VPN service has lots of great features you should check out below. - rate is a high-end proxy server provider with the purpose to ensure completely your online privacy offering a solution which is affordable, fast, discreet, and secure. If you were looking for VPN service focus on complete privacy and never sharing your data, is just the software you were looking for. - rate


FrootVPN FrootVPN is a VPN service provider with the focus to guarentee peace of mind for their users, as this VPN provides a secure tunnel to browse the web worry-free. If you are hunting for an amazing VPN service that offers a secure connection, fast servers, flexibility, and a user-friendly interface, FrootVPN might just be it. - rate


XVPN XVPN is a VPN service provider whose main goals are to assure the privacy of its users, unlock multimedia content, bypass censorship, and provide fast and enjoyable internet connection. If you were looking for an affordable VPN provider which deliver top-quality service and overall speed, XVPN is the service you are looking for. - rate


VPNReactor An American-based and founded in 2010, VPNReactor offers a group of encryption protocols to hide your information and disguise your location from curious eyes. With more than 56 servers located in more than 18 countries around the globe, VPNReactor fairly stable connection speed at all times. - rate

SoftEther VPN

SoftEther VPN SoftEther VPN started as an indispensable tool to access to remote networks using a public internet connection without risking privacy, safety, and ability to access lots of forbidden websites and has slowly become one of the most reliable VPN solutions, and free of charge. - rate

Urban VPN

Urban VPN Founded in 2018, Urban VPN's mission is to improve online security and privacy through a VPN service with a twist. If you are looking into spending hundreds of dollars to ensure your online security, we urge you to take a look at the services Urban VPN provides before making any decision. - rate


Betternet Betternet is an easy access to better security and privacy on your devices. Definitely one of the best free VPNs we've come accross this year. If you're on the hunt for a simple VPN that lets you do basic stuff, Betternet could be all you need, and it's completely free. - rate

Keep Solid VPN

Keep Solid VPN Keep Solid is a software developer that's entirely focused on productivity and security. They offer a wide variety of software products; from business planning applications to an electronic signature platform, they have a lot of tools to play with. This time, they’re coming really powerful VPN applications featuring really attractive price tags. - rate

Featured VPNs

Hotspot Shield Hotspot Shield Hotspot Shield is a California-based VPN company has been providing a secure link between you and the content you are looking for online since 2005. They have over 2500 servers which will allow you to browse, download, stream, and will also help you dodge censorship and government surveillance. Hide My Ass Hide My Ass Hide My Ass (HMA) is a whimsically-named VPN service that’s part of the huge Avast (antivirus) family. Featuring military-grade encryption, multiple connection points, and most importantly, fast, reliable, unlimited and super secure internet access, HMA has among the best VPN services around! NordVPN NordVPN NordVPN is a registered service provider that offers Virtual Private Network setting for its users so that they are able to safely surf the internet. The application can be used in any device whether it is a PC, Laptop or any mobile device like Apple or Android. ExpressVPN ExpressVPN With over 2000 servers panning 94 countries, ExpressVPN is one of the world’s leading VPN provider in terms of coverage, speed and security. Its VPN software is easy to set-up, available for almost all devices and is incredibly affordable. CyberGhost CyberGhost The Romanian-German company, CyberGhost, offers secure VPN services that help you encrypt your online connection, so you can surf the web safely and without having to be worried about your privacy. VPN Unlimited VPN Unlimited VPN Unlimited is a VPN service that goes above and beyond in order to ensure that each and every single one of its users is browsing the internet through a secure network. There are multitudes of VPN services available nowadays but VPN Unlimited is definitely head and shoulders above the rest due to a variety of different reasons.


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